Wipeout Rush is a card-based mobile racing game …

Sony has announced a new Wipeout game, but before we go out all night to celebrate, let us tell you a bit more about Wipeout Rush. It’s a game coming to iOS and Android this year, but instead of being a thrilling arcade racing game that tests your reflexes, it’s a more cerebral experience, a racing game based on cards.


A look at Wipeout Rush from developer Rogue Games:

wipEout Rush takes the classic anti-gravity racing experience first launched in 1995 for the original PlayStation and turns the series upside down, pushing players into the role of team leader where victory is determined by decisions rather than by reflexes. Players are responsible for selecting the right ships, as well as making sure they are properly upgraded and equipped to win each race. Designed for the best mobile experience, wipEout Rush incorporates smooth fusion gameplay for the first time, allowing players to merge anti-gravity ships to unlock new, better-performing vehicles. As players progress through the league, they earn money to unlock new challenges, weapons, and upgrades.

For fans of the series, wipEout Rush brings new knowledge through collectibles and story. Players will be able to unlock collectible cards to learn more about the ships, teams, pilots and tracks of the wipEout world as they progress through a gripping single-player campaign told through thrilling animated comics. wipEout Rush will feature Quick Race and Championship Cup game modes with five different tracks, 60 iconic WipEout ships, a wide range of familiar weapons, 12 Championship Cups each with its own boss, and bundles of collectibles.

Rogue Games CEO Matt Casamassina said in the press release: “I grew up on WipEout console games, and these will continue to live on PlayStation hardware, but we wanted to reinvent blazing speed and blazing speed. Gorgeous presentation of the series for a new breed of gamers on mobile devices.

He also told IGN: “We hope fans come to this with an open mind because, while different, we are proud to put the WipEout franchise back in the center with a new take on the formula.

“And we’ve put a lot of love into the presentation, which includes many iconic ships and tracks, a new comic-inspired narrative, proper electronic soundtrack, and gorgeous visuals that run at 60 frames per second on hardware.” modern. “

Looks like this could be a fun new twist on the anti-grav racing theme, spinning the franchise in a very different direction than what fans are used to. I think the main issue here is the claim that the Wipeout series “will continue to live on PlayStation hardware”.

After being practically synonymous with PlayStation gaming, Wipeout has faded over the past fifteen years. Wipeout Pure and Pulse were great new series entries for the PSP, with much of their content turned into the technical showcase that was Wipeout HD for PlayStation 3. This was followed by the original game Wipeout 2048 for the launch of PlayStation Vita in 2012, but Sony then made the decision to shut down Studio Liverpool. The last one we saw in the series was Wipeout Omega Collection in 2017, which remastered Wipeout HD and 2048 in a new PS4 pack.

It’s good to see that there is still some interest in the Wipeout series at Sony, and Wipeout Rush. could be a sign that they’re going to try to bring the series back to home consoles as well. Granted, there are a few quiet rumors going around, especially given Sony’s relationship with Destruction All Stars developer Lucid Games (founded by the alumni of Bizarre Creations), and having now acquired Firesprite (which was founded by alumni of Studio Liverpool).

As always, Wipeout fans can just cross their fingers and hope.

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