What’s so bad about Devo Max? Let’s put it on an Indyref2 newsletter

WHEN both sides of Scotland’s political divide oppose an idea, you know it’s probably half-decent. British nationalists and Scottish nationalists have pounced on themselves to attack the recent hesitation of the suggestion that any future independence referendum contains a third option: “Devo Max”.

Full transparency as always with me: regular readers will know that I am a moderate supporter of independence. I would love to see Scotland go it alone, without Westminster – an institution that has been rotten to the root for my 50 years on this planet. However, the SNP fundamentally needs to redo the issue of separation. The prospectus is so weak he should be on life support, with unanswered questions ranging from borders to the EU and defense to currency.

I would like to see a new flyer that fully and honestly addresses these difficult points before I vote Yes a second time. Failure to do so would likely secure my abstention. There is nothing fundamentalist or nationalist about my personal politics, and I wouldn’t use my vote to sell Scotland into a half-baked fantasy world that has only satisfied the SNP. Like many, my Yes vote depends on whether the SNP addresses my existing concerns.

There is an outrageous sense of entitlement among those British and Scottish nationalists who say ‘No’ to the concept of a Devo Max box on the ballot. It’s not up to them to decide what’s best for the rest of us. It is not gods or princes here to decree from above what our life choices should be; arrogance and authoritarianism are amazing.

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