Two ex-Miami officers, ‘Bad Boys’ fans, to start prison terms

Roderick Flowers and Keith Edwards head to jail after pleading guilty to conspiring to distribute cocaine

Two Miami-Dade police officers will head to jails next week for their involvement in a drug bite.

Roderick Flowers, 29 and Keith Edwards, 31, who are cousins, will serve one year and three months in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to distribute cocaine, for The daily mail. The two officers acted as security for the cocaine transported to several states for which they believed was the Sinaloa cartel..

The couple will be required to complete two years of house arrest and five years of probation, which includes up to 1,000 hours of community service per year upon release.

Narcotic cops share a fascination with the Will smith and Martin Laurent blockbuster Bad Boys movie theater. The social media posts show the officers dressed in costumes like the fictional characters, Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, for Halloween 2019.

Flowers was called Det. Mike Lowery on his page, and the photo of them dressed as cops from the movie was captioned “We’re Rolling Together.” We die together. Bad Boys 4 Life. ‘

(Keith Edward (g) and Roderick Flowers (r) Facebook)

The officers were paid $ 5,000 each to pose as bodyguards for shipping half a kilo to two kilos of fake cocaine, believed to be real, to what ended up being undercover agents of the DEA, according to The Miami Herald.

The other men, Manuel Carlos Hernandez, Trevanti McLeod and Durojaiye Obafemi Monsuru Lawal, were also arrested for their role in drug-related money laundering.

A secret source working for the DEA posing as a member of the Mexican cartel entered into money laundering deals with Hernandez that involved drug money, bringing Flowers and Edwards to help transport the proceeds from Homestead to Aventura.

Hernandez, who ran Hernandez Investments, bragged about money laundering for several of his clients and intended to open more legitimate businesses, like a barber shop and car wash to clean up his dirty money.

In the summer of 2020, the meetings the secret source held with Hernandez and his accomplices were secretly taped, revealing money laundering deals.

In August, Hernandez asked Flowers to enter a license plate number into the police database for the undercover officer. Speak Daily mail, Hernandez boasted that Flowers was on his payroll as “security for money laundering activities,” he said in the complaint.

On September 16, the confidential source, an undercover agent, and Flowers and Edwards transported DEA-supplied cocaine in cars from Homestead to Aventura. The entire bite lasted for a period of six months.

Edwards allegedly told the alleged drug traffickers that he and Flowers were not “contract killers” and that they would protect the informant, not the proceeds if things went wrong, for example. CBS 4 Miami.

Flowers and Edwards were convicted at the end of August of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Hernandez was sentenced to four years in prison for conspiracy to distribute and one count of money laundering conspiracy.

Edwards, a father of three, is a former member of the Army National Guard. Flowers comes from a police family since her sister and father are officers. Her father, Raleigh Flowers, is the Bal Harbor Police Chief according to CBS4 Miami.

Flowers’ attorney said: “He is very satisfied with his sentence as it gives him the opportunity to move on with his life.”

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