Tower of Fantasy: Farming AFK using Zero or the Negative Cube

The release of the hit ARPG, Tower of Fantasy, sent a large number of Wanderers to the world of Aida. However, not everyone intends to play fair.

Farming is a known concept in almost every MMORPG ever developed in the digital world. Technopedia defines it as “a game tactic where a player, or someone hired by a player, performs repetitive actions to gain experience, points, or some form of in-game currency.

That’s traditionally what agriculture is, at least. Tower of Fantasy takes farming to a completely different place, as the player can stay AFK while gaining experience and looting monsters.

Players engage in AFK farming for several reasons. However, most of the time it involves spending time away from the game while wanting to make sure progress is being made. There are several ways to farm in Tower of Fantasy. One of the most common farming techniques in the game is using Zero, an in-game SSR simulacrum.

How to Use Zero and Negative Cube for AFK Farming in Tower of Fantasy

Players can either activate the Simulacra of Zero or simply use the weapon associated with the character with their own personal avatar. Anyway, the most important part of the game’s tactics is the use of his weapon, the Negative Cube.

After dealing damage to enemies, the negative cube spawns a set of floating orbs floating around the game character, which can then damage enemies on contact.

If the player stands near enemies, even without moving or attacking, as long as the enemies stand close enough to the player, they are damaged by floating orbs. Since Tower of Fantasy enemies appear at regular intervals, this means that while the player is logged in, as soon as the enemies die, the drops and experience gained from killing them will go to the player.

However, since the game uses a scaling system on its monsters, this becomes a challenge for some of the lower level players. The scaling system means that no matter where you are on the map, your enemies will be close to your character’s level. For example, if your character is currently at level 40, the enemies will be either level 41 or level 42.

There will also be tougher enemies that are one level higher than your character. Of course, this means that the higher the level of the enemy, the more experience they have and a better chance of getting better drops.

Team AFK Farming in Tower of Fantasy

Since some players prefer to farm more difficult monsters, they will need more people to help them. A trick often used by players is to ask other players in the world chat to participate in AFK farming. Once they have enough floating orbs for their character, players set a specific location on the map where they will decide to do the deed.

This is often done at places on the map with “mini-bosses” and those monsters with a weakness to ignite. Since the Negative Cube is a fire-based weapon, more damage can be inflicted on the enemy if they use it against them. Once a good number of players are in the same channel and in the same location on the map, they start farming the monsters that spawn in that location.

Most players just do this because active farming isn’t as viable with very low drop rates, even for those who spend hours in the game. There are rare vehicle parts and other loot exclusives that are often only obtained if you team up with other players.

To make matters worse, the game can detect if one or more players are trying to cause damage to the enemy – some loot can only be obtained if the enemy is downed by multiple players at once, making this a requirement fall on top of everything else.


What does Tower of Fantasy do against AFK Farmers

To date, there has been no specific response from Hotta Studio on this. Understandably, the player base is split between those who want to engage in the practice to circumvent low drop rates, while other players claim it’s just a way to abuse a loophole in the game to their advantage.

As with other online games; this type of farming practice is not suitable for other players, as it reduces getting at least a few drops to a matter of fairly long inactivity. Some upset players trying to enjoy the game and play normally are even reporting players after confirming that they are engaging in this type of activity.

You can try Tower of Fantasy for yourself on the official website.

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