Sharp increase in the number of agents contacted by HMRC about anti-money …

FCS Compliance has announced its latest Anti-Money Laundering webinar designed exclusively for Rightmove members.

Are You Ready for an Inspection HMRC is the sixth webinar that FCS Compliance has designed for Rightmove in the past 12 months, as part of a partnership that has helped over 1,000 Rightmove agents learn about the issues of LBA having an impact on the real estate sector.

The course aims to address the concerns of officers who are increasingly contacted by HMRC.

FCS Compliance calculates that the number of clients reporting contact with HMRC regarding AML is 43% higher this year compared to the previous two years combined.

Malcolm Driscoll, Senior LBA Consultant at FCS Compliance and Course Presenter, comments: “The publication of Pandora Articles has been a wake-up call for anyone working in real estate. In this context, the HMRC continues to carry out its inspections – often on a short-term basis – of the companies it considers most at risk of criminal activity. “

The hour-long course, which takes place at 10:00 a.m. on December 1, is free for Rightmove members and is designed to ensure businesses are fully prepared should the HMRC strike.

The course will cover what to expect from an HMRC inspection; How to ensure that a business is fully AML compliant; Identify measures to protect a business against money launderers; and Describe the penalties for non-compliance.

It will also be an opportunity for participants to ask questions directly to Driscoll, who has over 40 years of experience in the field of financial fraud and the fight against crime.

During his career he worked for Hertfordshire Police, City of London and UK Transport Police and was a detective in the Criminal Investigation Department.

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