Saxena launches public attack on Kejriwal on Twitter, accuses him of using ‘diversionary tactics’

Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena launched a merciless attack on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday, accusing him of resorting to ‘diversionary tactics and false accusations’ out of ‘desperation’ but the AAP chief insisted that those in public life should be ready for any probe. As the Lieutenant Governor in a series of tweets from his official handle continued to attack Kejriwal, several AAP leaders including Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia were quick to respond to him asking why. he feared an investigation into the corruption allegations against him.

Relations between the two sides in the nation’s capital deteriorated after Saxena in July recommended a CBI investigation into alleged irregularities in the implementation of the Kejriwal government’s 2021-22 excise policy.

Subsequently, the AAP accused Saxena of corruption during his tenure as chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) and demanded a CBI investigation into the matter.

Breaking its silence on the corruption allegation, LG tweeted that it had flagged various issues including ”serious anomalies” in the 2021-22 excise policy, now withdrawn by the Kejriwal government, but ” unfortunately ”the response he received was in the form of ”subterfuge” and a ”personal attack” against him.

Earlier today, Kejriwal, responding to a question about LG’s decision to take legal action against AAP leaders, said: ‘I think if we joined public life, we should be ready for any investigation. Manish Sisodia greeted him. Legal action is a kind of threat to scare, we will see what legal action will happen. ” The LG said in a tweet: ”I called for good governance, zero tolerance for corruption and better services for the people of Delhi. But unfortunately, Hon. CM @ArvindKejriwal Ji in desperation resorted to diversionary tactics and false accusations. Saxena, sharing a brief statement on Twitter, said he would not be surprised if ‘further baseless personal attacks’ were made on him and his family in the coming days.

”He (Kejriwal) must know that I will in no way be deterred from my constitutional duties. My commitment to improving the lives of the people of Delhi remains unwavering,’ he said in the statement.

Earlier this week, AAP MP Durgesh Pathak accused Delhi Assembly Saxena of corruption involving changing demonetized ratings in 2016 during his time at KVIC.

The AAP alleged a scam of Rs 1,400 crore and demanded a CBI investigation against Saxena.

”As a public representative, CM must explain to people ‘his art’ of converting Rs 17 lakh, found by CBI as demonetized currency exchanged by 2 employees of Khadi Bhawan Delhi, into Rs 1400 Cr as claimed by AAP,” Saxena said in another tweet.

Taking to Twitter, AAP leader and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh asked Saxena if he awarded his daughter a contract without bidding when he was head of KVIC .

“So many tweets against Arvind ji? Are you so scared? Shouldn’t there also be zero tolerance against your corruption? Singh asked in a Hindi tweet, reacting to Saxena’s post on the microblogging site.

Responding to Singh’s allegation on Twitter, Saxena’s office said that Saxena, as chairman of KVIC, was given the design of Khadi Lounge, Mumbai, for free (pro bono) by his daughter, who is a designer.

”…contrary to your (Singh’s) statement, there was no tender for the design, and no one got the tender and instead hundreds thousands of KVIC rupees have been saved,” tweeted Raj Niwas.

Saxena has decided to take legal action against AAP leaders over “false and defamatory” accusations made against him, officials in his office said on Wednesday.

The statement released by the LG said it had flagged various issues, including ”serious anomalies” in excise policy, an undue 2.5-year delay in action on a CVC report on irregularities in construction of classrooms in public schools in Delhi, files not being signed by Kejriwal, CAG audits not being conducted in a timely manner in state universities, cabinet memos reach the office of the LG after Cabinet meetings and non-availability of water in foreign missions as its constitutional duties to the people of Delhi.

”I expected Arvind Kejriwal ji to approach these issues in the right spirit,” he said and added ”unfortunately the response was only a subterfuge amounting to the defense of the indefensible and abusive personal attack on me. ”The LG Office had responded to the allegations about Saxena by AAP, saying the matter had been reviewed by the CBI and the agency had already filed an indictment against two accused KVIC employees. The case is pending in Rouse Avenue Court, New Delhi, they said.

An FIR was filed by the CBI on September 10, 2017 against the two defendants. The CBI found that only 17.07,000 rupees had been deposited in demonetized banknotes in the KGB account, New Delhi, instead of 22.17,000 rupees as reported by the CVO, according to the office note from LG.

AAP leaders alleged that Saxena, as chairman of KVIC, obtained demonetized notes exchanged by lobbying employees and went on to claim that Rs 22 lakh was exchanged at the Delhi branch alone.

There are 7,000 such branches across the country, meaning there was a Rs 1,400 crore scam, AAP officials alleged.

Sisodia, named as a defendant in the CBI FIR in connection with alleged improprieties in excise policy, searched Saxena without naming him and asked why he was “so concerned” with an investigation.

”I had done nothing wrong so I was not afraid. I was thoroughly investigated and nothing was found. My honesty has once again been proven in front of the whole country. Why are you so afraid of a probe. It looks like something is looking really fishy,’ he said in a tweet.

The CBI investigating the excise policy matter raided Sisodia’s residence and searched his locker. AAP leader Atishi also slammed Saxena saying, “Sir, your constitutional duty is to protect the people of Delhi through the Delhi Police rather than making daily dramas. People are very angry with your daily nautanki. It seems you don’t care about murders, rapes and robberies in broad daylight,’ she tweeted.

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