Guardia Civil launches operation against money laundering and drug trafficking in Malaga and Cadiz


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The Guardia Civil launched today an operation against money laundering and drug trafficking in Manilva (Malaga) and La Línea de la Concepción (Cadiz).

The Guardia Civil launched today, December 9, an operation in the municipalities of Manilva (Malaga) and La Línea de la Concepción (Cadiz) with the aim of dismantling a network of criminals who launder the money obtained from drug trafficking.

The authorities informed that checks were underway in six buildings, including two in the district of El Zabal, La Línea, and the other four in Manilva.

So far, several people have been arrested and money and documents seized in an operation that has been going on since the early hours of this morning, although the exact number has not been released.

The operation involves 150 police officers from Malaga and Alcegiras, with the cooperation of the Co-ordinating Body against Drug Trafficking (OCON-Sur), the Regional Center for Analysis and Intelligence against Drug Trafficking (CRAIN) and the Rapid Action Group (GAR).

Sources indicated that the criminals involved launder money generated by the organization under the control of the “Titi” clan.

In September 2020, another operation carried out by the Guardia Civil against the same clan resulted in the arrest of two of the sons of “Titi”, as well as others who would be members of the organization.

Investigators estimate that a total of around six million euros has been obtained illicitly through drug trafficking. Similar past operations involving the same organization have resulted in the confiscation of more than two tonnes of hashish.


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