GTA 6 would have a Bitcoin type cryptocurrency

GTA 6 Updates: Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to have a feature of stock market, brokerage, and cryptocurrency that can be won in high stakes missions.

With new rumors about GTA being constant, news caught on and this time it is about the fictitious use of cryptocurrencies in the game.

Rockstar Games is well known for portraying American culture in its game, so it’s no surprise that the developers plan to aim for the biggest follies in the world of finance and economics in GTA 6.

Whether or not crypto is the topic of conversation for gamers when the Rockstar finally decides to release the game is a whole other question.

Keeping in mind that GTA 6 is still in the development stage and with reports and rumors suggesting that the game will be released somewhere in 2023 which is usually the time it takes for developers to design games. Given that it has been almost a decade since the last entry on Rockstar’s acclaimed crime series, fans have started to grow impatient and are quickly aware of any leaks or information given by the studio.

Bitcoin-type cryptocurrency GTA 6


Notorious game leak Tom henderson said on Twitter that he “recently heard” that GTA 6 will feature cryptocurrency. Players would be able to earn “bitcon instead of cash” in some of the missions where characters seek to transfer large sums of money to accounts that cannot be found.

Henderson also claimed that bitcons can be traded on an exchange. Of course, Rockstar will not be using real brands or companies in GTA, so the currency will most likely be a generic version of the original cryptocurrencies.

That being said, there are plenty of false rumors about GTA floating around online and this information should be taken with a pinch of salt even if it comes from a trustworthy source.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is undoubtedly under a lot of pressure to deliver. Not only has it got to be the greatest entertainment product of all time, it also has to meet the quality bar set by Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA 6 is expected to be in Vice City, but the wait will be long until Rocstar confirms the location of the game. So far the game developer has played a cautious and closed role, so we only hear rumors and assumptions regarding the game. Whether cryptocurrency is going to feature on GTA 6 is a matter of time when Rockstar himself confirms that nothing can be certain.

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