Former Bangladesh Chief Justice Found Guilty of Money Laundering, South Asia News

Former Bangladesh Chief Justice SK Sinha has been sentenced to 11 years in prison in a corruption case.

A Dhaka Magistrates’ Court found him guilty of money laundering and breach of trust in the 467,000 taken at Farmers Bank.

In its verdict, the court acquitted Md Shahjahan and Niranjan Chandra Sha due to lack of evidence.

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The Farmers Bank was formerly known as the Padma Bank. Its former manager AKM Shamim was also jailed for four years and fined nearly $ 600.

Ranjit Chandra Saha and his wife Shanti Roy, accomplices of the former chief justice, were also sentenced to three years in prison with $ 120.

The accused falsified documents from the Gulshan branch of the then Farmers Bank and transferred them to Judge Sinha’s personal account through a payment order.

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Sinha then transferred the amount to another account in cash, checks and money orders.

In 2018, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) found evidence of fraud in transactions under the Corruption Prevention Law and the Money Laundering Prevention Law.

Previously, another case involved the former ACC Supreme Justice, who accused him of abuse of power over plots of land allocated to him and a family member from the city’s development authority. from Dhaka.

Sinha was appointed Chief Justice of Bangladesh in 2015. Her term ended three years later, in 2018.

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