Form 6-K QIWI To: November 23

About QIWI plc.

For more than 20 years, we have been at the forefront of fintech innovations to facilitate and secure the digitization of payments. Our mission is to connect our customers by providing them with unique financial and technological solutions to make the impossible accessible and simple.

QIWI is one of the leading providers of advanced payment and financial services in Russia and the CIS. We offer a wide range of products under several directions: the QIWI financial and payment services ecosystem for merchants and B2C customers through digital use cases, ROWI digital structured financial products for SMEs, Flocktory services in marketing and advertising automation technologies, and several other startups.

QIWI has an integrated proprietary network that enables payment services across online, mobile and physical channels and provides access to financial services to retail customers and B2B partners. Our network allows more than 27 million customers and partners to accept and transfer RUB 148 billion in monthly cash and electronic payments. The company’s send money payment platform connects businesses and people in over 185 countries through more than 670 thousand points of service. Our customers and partners may use cash, stored value, prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods to pay for goods and services or transfer money interchangeably in virtual or physical environments, as well as using QIWI’s open API infrastructure and highly customizable. , sophisticated payment solutions to meet their professional or personal needs. Our ROWI brand provides businesses with digital factoring, bank guarantees and other financial solutions for SMEs.

For fiscal year 2020, QIWI recorded a turnover of 40.6 RUB billion and adjusted EBITDA of RUB 13.8 billion. The shares of the US custodian of QIWI are traded on the NASDAQ and the Moscow Stock Exchange (ticker: QIWI). QIWI has a Standard & Poor ?? s credit rating of BB- / B.

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Forward-looking statements

This press release contains ?? forward-looking statements ?? within the meaning of, and subject to the protection of, the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including, without limitation, statements regarding expected total net income, adjusted net income and return on net income , dividend payments, growth in payment volume, growth in physical and virtual distribution channels, trends in each of our verticals and statements regarding the development of our ROWI and Flocktory businesses, the impact of the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic and related public health measures on our business, merchants, customers and employees, the impact of the restrictions imposed on us by the CBR on December 7, 2020, including with respect to payments to foreign merchants, the evolution of the betting industry in the Russian Federation and its regulations, and others. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of QIWI plc. be materially different from the future results, performances or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Various factors that could cause actual future results and other future events to differ materially from those estimated by management include, without limitation, macroeconomic conditions in the Russian Federation and in each of the international markets in which we operate, growth in each of our verticals, competition, introduction of new products and services and their acceptance by consumers, the ability of QIWI? s ability to develop physical and virtual distribution channels, cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities in QIWI’s products and services, QIWI’s ability to expand geographically, the risk that new projects do not proceed in accordance with its expectations and other risks identified under the legend ?? Risk factors ?? in QIWI’s annual report on form 20-F and in other reports of the QIWI files with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. QIWI assumes no obligation to revise forward-looking statements or to report future events that may affect such forward-looking statements, unless QIWI is required to do so by law.

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