Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water

Fatal Frame is a long-running horror series with roots dating back to 2001. Its mix of disturbing themes and imagery, along with unique combat and paranormal horrors have elevated it to a cult classic. The series has been mentioned in hushed tones for years now, and Maiden Of Black Water, a remaster of a Wii U game, is looking to put the series back in the spotlight.

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The latest Fatal Frame isn’t the toughest entry in the venerable series, but that doesn’t mean it does well, especially on the tougher difficulties. Not to mention that ghosts are well and truly ingrained in his DNA, so even if you know how to play, are you brave enough to endure the horror of survival?

Use your card

Fatal Frame Yuri using psychometry

A lot of Maiden of Black Water ends up being quite linear. With the early introduction of the powerful Spirit Trace ability, you are unlikely to get lost while moving to any given area. When you get there, however, the gloves come off and you are on your own. This is where a little mechanical know-how will give you a head start. When Spirit Trace fails, the map is your ready and willing companion on your Poltegaluvian escapades.

The map is only as good as you are, however. One feature that is not disclosed is how the card interacts with locked doors. If a door is locked when you touch it, it will automatically mark it in red when you go to check. If, however, that door is unlocked, say by a subsequent event, the map will automatically update to show that door blue or accessible. As long as you touch every doorknob you see, you’ll rarely go astray.


Heal, heal, heal

Fatal Frame Yuri on the floor holding a camera obscura

Damage is inevitable when you are on the ghost hunt. The ladies you’ll be photographing with your Camera Obscura are crafty buggers who are more than willing to teleport around the room, walk through furniture, and even wander through the weird wall here and there. If you miss this killer snap, chances are they’re already gone. Fatal Frame isn’t necessarily here to kill you.

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As mentioned earlier, Maiden of Black Water is not that difficult. One of the ways to survive your nighttime escapades is to generously munch on herbs and sip holy water. It might be a survival horror title, but Surviving takes a step back. Each new chapter gives Yuri, Miu, or Ren a freshly stocked inventory full of healing supplies, which means you might as well stay in the know. Each chapter is also filled with mics that replenish your catering products if you start to run out a bit.

Upgrade your camera

Fatal Frame battle with multiple ghosts

One area that Fatal Frame only briefly discusses, and which can then be easily overlooked, is your ability to upgrade your Camera Obscura. The currency required for upgrading is points, and points are earned in battle. Take quality photos of your floating ghosts and you’ll roll into points before you know it. Your camera can be upgraded in a number of ways, but the areas you want to focus on are reload speed and damage, in that order. Being able to deal damage more often, and with that damage being higher than usual, it all adds up to

easier driving.

Be warned, however, there are two Camera Obscura in Maiden of Black Water, and they don’t share upgrades. Unfortunately, they share points. You’ll earn enough currency to upgrade both cameras by the end of the game, but since Yuri and Miu both use the same camera and make up the majority of the game, it makes a lot of sense to add a few more points to the game. their camera.

Don’t forget your lenses

Fatal Frame Yuri walking in the water with a torch

By taking pictures of wet young girls, you might forget about the different lenses that are collected on your travels. Of course, basic photography is enough to get you through most dating, but mastering your other options will only make things easier. When you have access to instant stun, triple damage, and healing shots, you really don’t want to have tunnel vision on a base snapshot.

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Special mention goes to the reward goal. Taking a quick photo with this beauty will increase the value of each subsequent photo taken of the enemy captured when the trigger was pulled. If you want to effectively upgrade your Camera Obscura, it makes a lot of sense to keep this lens equipped. Quick note, Ren can’t use lenses, but he can trigger a quad-shot (later Octo-shot). It’s an incredibly powerful ability worth using whenever you unleash a juicy Fatal Frame attack.

Don’t be afraid to use quality film

Fatal Frame The Black Water Maiden

It’s natural to want to rack up good ammo for important encounters when walking around a spooky shrine. It’s a lesson that’s been taught from Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion, but it doesn’t carry as much weight in Fatal Frame. You will be tempted to use your Type-07 movie as it has infinite ammo, but it will only slow you down due to bad damage and long reload time.

The game will replenish your ammo with each chapter, so you really want to use whatever you have. As a rule of thumb, you want to save your Type-90s for tough encounters – like large groups or a powerful mind. Everything else is a fair game. The Type-14s are your workhorse, but upgrading to a Type-64 isn’t a bad idea either. You never need to touch Type-07 movie, just burn your resources.

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