Empty central bank | He made over $1 billion in purchases a week

Encouraged by the implementation of a floating exchange rate for soybean exports launched last Monday, the Central Bank bought 178 million dollars on the market on Friday. Market sources estimate that since the start of forex settlement, the monetary authority has already bought about $1,044 million.

The purchase comes after the Economy Ministry formalized the request for a 200 peso per dollar exchange rate for soybean exports by September 30. The measure was agreed with the main export complexes, which committed at least $5,000 million to liquidate soybeans and their derivatives. “The volume of business today in the dollar segment of soybeans was $259 million,” said Gustavo Quintana, analyst at PR Corredors of Cambio.

Purchases made this Friday total $300 million compared to Tuesday, with $14 million earned Wednesday driving and $426 million received Thursday.

The official dollar closed at an average of 148.42, an increase of 27 cents from yesterday, as it gained 2.56 pesos throughout the week, equivalent to an increase of 1, 75% compared to last Thursday. In the stock market, the cash sell dollar fell 0.7% to 280.89 and MPs fell 0.5% to 271.98.

Meanwhile, in the informal segment, the so-called “blue” dollar fell six pesos to 274 pesos per unit, with an 18-peso drop over the past five days. For its part, in the wholesale market, the price of the American currency rose by 30 cents to 139.03 pesos compared to its previous settlement, when it gained 2.35 pesos, or 1.69%. Thus, dollars with a 30% surcharge – taken into account in the country’s tax – marked an average of 193.94 per unit; And with the prepayment of 35% income tax on the purchase of foreign currency, the average value was 244.89 pesos.

In terms of the dollar destined for tourism abroad – and whose rate is 45% – it amounted to 259.73 pesos. The volume traded in the cash segment was $491 million, the futures sector of electronic open market operations had 62 million registrants, and the futures market had a turnover of $500 million. .

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