Dutch continue to receive Russian gas despite refusing to pay in rubles – EURACTIV.com

Russia still supplies gas to the Netherlands even though it refuses to pay for it in rubles since the country’s state-owned companies have direct contracts with Russia, NOS reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to cut access to Russian gas to countries that do not pay in rubles. Energy giant Gazprom has already cut off Poland and Bulgaria because they refused to pay in Russian currency. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, among others, also refuse to pay via this currency, but have not yet been cut.

“At the end of the day, it’s the commercial parties that transfer the money,” said Lucia van Geuns, an energy expert at the Center for Strategic Studies in The Hague.

“Whether they do it through Gazprom’s proposed construction or not is up to the business side to decide,” NOS reports.

The Netherlands has also prepared for this in case its Russian gas supply runs out, as it now depends on only 15% of Russian gas, reports the NL Times.

The country strives to save energy and focuses on importing liquefied natural gas (LNG).

“​Today during a working visit to the Eemshaven in Groningen. A floating LNG terminal will be installed there from August. This means that LNG can be stored and converted into natural gas for the gas network This allows us to import additional gas from countries other than Russia,” tweeted Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten on Monday, April 25.

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