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Many students struggle to find information on certain topics, such as finding the answer to a difficult math question or figuring out how to properly cite an article.

With millions of sources floating around the internet, it is difficult to understand these components at once.

This problem is taken care of with a new app that was launched on April 30 by Clark Whitehead, a computer science graduate student at the University of Hawaii.

The app is called Lana AI, which stands for Lana Artificial Intelligence, and is ready to answer your most curious and passionate questions.

Whitehead started this app for himself as a tool to help him study without having to analyze search results himself. To give students the help they need without having to spend too much time, Lana AI merges the most accurate answers into one answer, so users can get their questions answered immediately.

“I found myself using it a lot and thought it would be a useful app for people,” Whitehead said.

Whitehead describes the program as similar to a virtual friend that you can interact with while ensuring your question is fully answered without requiring you to go on a treasure hunt. Lana AI is different from most search engines because of the endless number of answers and information found when you ask a question.

“When I go to Google, I have to search for five different things and read a bunch of people’s responses,” Whitehead said. “Looking for someone who might have the right answer.”

To get started, users need to create an account that asks for your name and email address and create a password. Users can simply enter any question they have into the chat box, and within seconds Lana will respond.

To ask a new question, just tap restart located near the top of the screen. All questions are welcome, but for questions regarding violence or illegal activities, Lana will not respond.

Lana AI was created using a PHP framework called Laravel. The PHP framework facilitates the creation of web projects by hosting the necessary tools and functions.

Whitehead explained that he discovered Laravel five months ago when he needed it for his work. Whitehead incorporated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages ​​to design the outline of text and chat boxes.

Whitehead explains how Lana AI can give quick answers to user questions.

“So it’s all machine learning that turns into a trained natural language processor on the entire internet,” Whitehead said.

This means that Lana AI uses all the text on the internet to determine what the next word will be using probability.

This process is known as a sequential neural network, which means a machine learning model that enters or exits data. This type of structure allows programmers to solve complex language problems by examining the input along with any words or phrases that come after it and predicting the output.

Cassidy Hoban, a freshman biology student at UH Mānoa, tried out the app, talking about how useful and easy it was to interact with it.

“I use Socratic and a lot of these different apps, and it seems pretty similar and helpful with instructions on how to do and solve,” Hoban said.

Lana AI has her own currency called Guardian Coins, with one coin spent per word used to ask questions. When creating the account, 8,000 Guardian Coins are provided. To purchase more coins, the price is $9.99 for a pack of 125,000 Guardian Coins.

To try Lana AI for yourself, visit

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