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Copying Forex trades to form your own trading strategy is a mutually beneficial cooperation. The trader receives reliable market signals and the Strategy Manager receives a percentage of his profit or a fixed subscription rate.

Trading takes place on the investor’s account: funds are not transferred to the manager’s account. At the same time, the trader does not have the deposit of the subscribers and does not guarantee absolute success. But on the other hand, he can trade freely, depending on the size of his capital, which allows a quick and flexible response to changes in the market situation.

In the Forex industry, many brokers offer this service to traders. Alpari is no exception. With Alpari CopyTrading, you can choose strategy managers, track them and automatically copy their trades. It is only after a successful transaction that you will need to pay commission fees.

How does Alpari CopyTrading work?

With Alpari CopyTrading, everything is simple. If you are new to trading, you can choose from the Strategy Managers available on the website and automatically copy their trades. To explain things more easily, we can give an example:

Imagine you have a starting capital of $ 2000 and choose the strategy manager who makes a profit of $ 500 on their next trade. With the help of CopyTrading, the manager will get 10% ($ 50) and you will be left with $ 450 which will be added to your starting capital.

To start copy trading on Alpari, you need to deposit at least $ 100. The platform is handy – you don’t have to search for anything because everything is provided. The account is safe and secure and works flawlessly on all devices. Up-to-the-minute updates, real-time market information, and full control over your account won’t leave anyone disappointed. The account is accessible from anywhere in the world and is easy to manage.

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Alpari CopyTrading account details

Alpari CopyTrading account, as we already mentioned above, is easy to use. In order to start using this feature on the broker’s website, you will need to follow several steps. First of all, you need to register or log into your existing account. Next, you need to choose the strategy manager that best matches your needs and preferences. The list is available. After that, you need to verify your account. The last step is to make a minimum deposit of $ 100 and watch the Strategy Manager do the work for you. What makes Alpari CopyTrading even more attractive is the fact that you can also become a strategy manager.

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Available trading platforms

On Alpari, in order to use CopyTrading, you need to use the MetaTrader 4 platform. At the same time, Alpari is also available on mobile devices and with the development of modern technologies more and more people are gradually switching to mobile phones, which can help them improve the trading process.

Leverage available

The maximum leverage available on Alpari is 1: 1000 and starts from 1:25 depending on the currency pairs and instruments you are going to choose. At the same time, there are two types of accounts on Alpari – Standard and Pro. The two have different requirements and leverage rates.

As for margin, this is the level at which the funds in your account should be. The margin requirements on demo accounts are similar to those on real accounts. It should also be noted that micro accounts have a fixed leverage of 1: 400. You may also experience leverage as low as 1: 3.

Range of spreads

The spread is the difference between the Bid and Ask price. When you trade currency pairs, no matter which one we are talking about, the spreads are considered a commission charge that exists during trading. It should also be noted that there are several types of spreads: fixed, floating and variable. Fixed spreads are fixed and do not change based on market conditions. Floating spreads are adjusted to market conditions. Variable spreads also represent current market conditions. Depending on the trading instruments and accounts you are going to have on Alpari, the spreads may be different.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alpari CopyTrading

Copy Trading is undoubtedly useful for new traders, as some people who have just learned the basics of Forex need help at the start. While there are many advantages of CopyTrading over Alpari, we can also note a few disadvantages. Let’s look at both below.


We should start with the pros. As you can probably guess, the main essence and benefit of CopyTrading is the ability to maximize your earnings. When you copy a trader who has decent trading experience and notable stats, you can be sure that you are getting a profit for yourself.

First of all, you don’t need to waste time developing your own trading system. Everything is already ready for you and you just have to wait, before your job is successfully accomplished.

In addition, there is no need to monitor the situation in the Forex market. If you are trading on your own, of course, you have to keep track of current events in the market – what the exchange rate is, how the markets react to events, etc., but when you trade automatically it is not necessary. to do. .

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On Alpari there is a huge choice of signal providers and strategy managers. There is a wide variety of managers whose transactions can be copied. To keep things simple, there is a list of top performers.

With Copy Trading, you can diversify the risks when copying trades. You can copy transactions to your account from multiple traders, reducing the risk of losing your deposit.

It is also necessary to underline the psychological factor. Many newbie traders cannot deal with their emotions when opening trades on their own. By observing the market and negative growth, a novice trader can panic and make a bad trading decision. True, even when copying you can close trades yourself, but this opportunity is used by more experienced traders.

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The inconvenients

We should also look at some of the disadvantages of using the CopyTrading platform. There is no doubt that this feature is full of benefits and useful things for new traders. However, even the most experienced resort to it frequently. As for the disadvantages, we can distinguish the risks associated with trading.

First of all, the trader who offers the possibility of copying his transactions is not responsible for the result. Granted, a particular strategy manager could have amazing results in the past, but this does not affect future performance.

With copy trading, there is no fixed income, no guarantees, but there is a history of successful traders trading. Granted, you have to understand this story very well, and without experience in independent business, it is problematic to do so. Moreover, by buying a signal, you will not be in control of the market and will not develop yourself as a trader. It turns out that some dependence on other traders.

Copying the rules is another key factor. It is necessary to be able and to set up correctly the copy of the trades.

Alpari CopyTrading FAQ

What is a copy trading platform on Alpari?

The CopyTrading platform on Alpari is specially designed for novice traders, who want to maximize their profits. Basically, after creating an account on the website, you can turn on copy trading, choose a strategy manager, and do nothing. Everything will happen automatically and after a successful transaction you will pay a commission to the manager.

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