800 Degrees Pizza grows thanks to Piestro’s automated machines


Dive brief:

  • 800 Degrees Pizza, a pizza brand with 16 locations worldwide, joins forces with the Piestro robotic pizzeria concept to dramatically accelerate its presence thanks to Piestro’s automated machines. According to a press release, the partnership will bring 3,600 “800 Degrees by Piestro” machines to market over five years.
  • The automated machines will ensure the sustainability of the brand and maintain consistency as the delivery and takeaway businesses are labor intensive, 800 Degrees founder Anthony Carron said in the statement.
  • The partnership comes as automation increases in the restaurant space in response to a historically tight job market and increased digitization fueled by a pandemic. According to data from the World Economic Forum, 50% of employers should speed up the automation of certain roles in their workplace.

Dive overview:

These work-related and digital factors are driving the rapid growth of the food processor market, which is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of over 16% through 2028. Sweetgreen has just acquired the automated catering company Spyce, for example, while Picnic presented its new pizza robot in October, and Saladworks is expanding its network with the robot from Chowbotics.

Operational automation has even made its way to some of the biggest players. White Castle is rolling out more Flippy robots in its kitchens, while McDonald’s is testing frying robots and automated beverage equipment.

A vending machine type vending machine that bakes pizza is likely to require much less capital than a traditional brick and mortar unit and allows 800 Degrees to expand into smaller, non-traditional locations. That said, 800 Degrees’ expansion plan with Piestro is still significant.

Such a goal illustrates not only the concept’s confidence in the machine’s ability to translate its food and experience, but also that consumers are ready for such an experience. It’s one thing to order fries from a drive-thru cooked by a robot in the kitchen – it’s another to order pizza from a machine without any human assistance.

Consumers looking for convenience might turn to the units, however. Diners will be able to access 800-degree pizzas from the machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and companies say the units will create a consistent artisan pizza with every order. 800 Degrees and Piestro have developed recipes similar to those offered in traditional 800 Degrees establishments.

800 Degrees was founded on the principle of producing pizzas in 90 seconds in a wood-fired oven. While companies can replicate recipes and ingredients in machines, it can be difficult to replicate a taste created by a wood-fired oven. In addition, the cooking process of Piestro takes a little longer – three minutes.

Companies are optimistic about the potential of this partnership. In a statement, Piestro CEO Massimo De Marco said that Piestro’s touchless cooking capabilities, taste, speed and consistency align with “800 Degrees Pizza values ​​to provide customers with an experience. exceptional culinary “. Investors also appear optimistic. In October, Piestro raised $ 1.7 million.


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