Monica, Movistar’s intelligent virtual agent, has extended and improved its functions for providing a personalised service using the latest technology in natural language processing and artificial intelligence which, until now, has been focussed on technical support.

The assistant has been integrated onto the new help page on Movistar’s website to help people browse the site and answer their questions, offering more content and a new interafce.

It now provides broader information and customer service. The service it offers has been expanded to include answers to questions about customer information, billing and line management.

The new interface includes:

  • Embedded interface that welcomes website visitors.
  • Tab that shows the position in the conversation allowing contextualization.
  • Questions suggested by the assistant which searches the context of the conversation and can also find matches in other contexts.
  • Buttons allowing movement to earlier questions and answers in the conversation.

Users and customers who enter the Movistar website will, therefore, be better informed and get immediate answers in a personalised way.

Thanks to viClone technology, Movistar has reduced the number of technical support  queries handled by call centres. viClone deals with more than 15 thousand inquiries a day, with 98% effectivity in the answers in real time.

At Viclone, we continue to innovate and develop with the aim of improving online customer support and, thanks to these new changes, we are improving the user experience of Movistar customers.



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