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There are many non-bank loan companies. Some offer standard payday loans, e.g. from USD 500 to USD 7,000, while other installment loans from USD 1,000 to 25,000, spread over several months – even up to 48. Anyone planning to borrow should think carefully. The most important thing is that we should know such values ​​as the maximum installment we can afford, the repayment time and the costs we can incur.

There are many non-bank companies in Poland offering installment loans of up to 25,000 online. Such a loan is not only the convenience of borrowing but also greater freedom to implement the plans. All loans offered by non-bank companies can be used for any purpose.

Many people devote it to repay their previous obligations, others devote it to renovating the apartment or buying a car. There will also be those who spend money on courses, shopping, on holidays, at the doctor, etc.

An installment loan for USD 25,000

An installment loan for USD 25,000

In Poland, installment loans are granted by banks and non-bank institutions. Both forms of loans are a quick source of cash, but they differ in repayment terms and requirements.

Payday loans are financial products that are distinguished by a high loan amount (up to USD 25,000) and a long repayment period (installments can be spread even up to 48 months). Unlike bank loans, online installment loans are widely available and easy to get. Usually, lenders focus on minimum formalities and fast payouts. A good solution is an option of contracting via the internet. installment loans online.

The characteristics of payday installments are:

  • The possibility of submitting an application completely online;
  • Formalities kept to a minimum;
  • Money on the account the same day;
  • Loan granted even on the basis of a contract for specific work, pensions, pensions or benefits;
  • Loan repayment in monthly or weekly installments;
  • The loan is available from 18 years of age;
  • It is possible to receive a loan without certificates.

Maximum repayment period USD 25,000


Nowadays life without loans is very difficult. If you need cash, use an installment loan. You will find really interesting offers on the market.

Non-banking companies grant loans in installments of up to 25,000, they can spread the loan over several years. The offer of loan companies is constantly growing and more and more companies offer such installment loans online. Depending on the loan amount, the loan period maybe 2 months, 36 months or even 48 months.

The length of the loan period also depends on the age of the borrower. Usually, the sum of the borrower’s age at the time of taking out the mortgage and the repayment period cannot exceed 70-80 years. There is also no single repayment period that would be optimal for all borrowers, as it depends on the individual situation of the client.

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