Get a First loan for free

A quick loan is a pretty good way to solve our sudden, unforeseen financial problems. Sometimes it happens that without any savings we quickly need a certain, relatively small amount. You can’t always count on friends or family.

For small amounts for a short period, using banking services may not make much sense. A good solution here is to have (not necessarily use) a cheap or free credit card. However, if we do not have one and we need it urgently, it is best to use the services of the non-banking sector and take the so-called chwilówka.

First loan for free

First loan for free

Many companies offer their first loan for free to attract new people. There is such competition in our market, there are so many companies that we should easily find a company where we will be a new customer.

It is true that the first loan will usually be limited to the amount from 600 USD to 1500 USD, but in the case of larger amounts, I advise against using payday loans, because possible costs are usually about 1/4 of the borrowed amount per month.

Free loan – conditions


  • be a new customer of the company,
  • pay off debt on time.

Before you get a final loan, it’s a good idea to check and read the contract because some companies operate with different names and you may find that it is not a free loan because we are not new clients of the company. Although we see the name of the institution for the first time. It is best to find the wording in the contract that will clearly state the amount to be paid – it must match the amount borrowed. Of course, the cost of a verification transfer (0.01 or 1 USD) should be ignored as completely insignificant.

A prerequisite for it to be a free loan – repayment of debt on time. Many companies allow you to extend your repayment date, but it usually costs around 1/4 of the borrowed amount per month (sometimes less, sometimes slightly more). It is much more profitable to take out a new, free loan from another company and pay off the earlier one.

There is a lot of competition on the market and new companies are constantly being created that encourage new customers with free loans. It is important to leave a day or two in reserve for the repayment transfer.

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